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Great Plains Tea Towel


A trip to the American Museum of Natural History inspired the design of this tea towel. They have a collection of artifacts from the Great Plains region of the US. I spotted a figurine of a man (a shaman?) with his arms outstretched to the heavens, and incorporated part of his robe decoration into this design.



Made in the USA: Ruby Red Skipper designs are all original, hand-drawn in Brooklyn, NY. They are screen printed in New York City. Edges are hemmed in the US.

All of our tea towels are woven from 100% flour sack cotton, the same kind of cotton used in tea towels for over a century. The fabric is lint free, soft and absorbent.

Designs are drawn by hand on vellum and screen printed with non-toxic ink. As this is a product made from natural fibers, the color can be anywhere from natural (off-white) to a brighter white.

Size: approximately 16 ” x 24″. (Sometimes the fabric mill produces slightly narrower or wider runs of cotton). Just like in the old days, these tea towels may not be perfectly rectangular! Expect a slight irregularity in shape, which adds to their charm.

Care: Machine wash in warm or cool water. Tumble dry. If you are one of those motivated people who irons everything, then iron on the reverse side! Otherwise you can smooth out little wrinkles by hand or let them hang from the handle of your stove and let gravity do its thing.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × .5 in